Dealing with troublesome skin can be a pain however help is on hand in the form of a collection of popular foods and drinks which are known to help clear the skin and boost overall health and well-being.


It may sound obvious however how many people actually drink enough water throughout the day? Drinking water not only helps to keep the skin hydrated, it also flushes toxins from the skin, encouraging clearer skin and replenished tissue.


Although it may seem strange to some people with bad skin that fatty foods can clear skin, oily fish like salmon have anti-inflammatory properties. Not a fish fan? Fear not, there are other sources of Omega 3-rich foods including walnuts, beans and flaxseed oil. Alternatively you could take a fish oil supplement to help reduce inflammation in your skin.


There is little that drinking green tea doesn’t do it seems. Packed with antioxidants and rich in polyphenol green tea boosts skin health, helps to clear out toxins, clears skin and tastes great.


Garlic contains allicin which is a chemical found naturally in some foods which after digestion reacts with the blood to create  a super bacteria and virus destroying product. This by-product weakens and destroys the bacteria which causes or worsens acne as well as attacking any skin related infections too.


Poached, boiled, fried; however you like your eggs on a morning, or indeed at any time of the day egg, especially the yolk, will taste great and be working tirelessly to clear the skin. Eggs contain a great amount of zinc, proteins and skin clearing selenium making them a top food for boosting skin health.

Have any of these wonderful foods helped to improve your skin? Please leave a comment below.

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