Matcha comes from the same plant that all teas are grown from however it is the harvest and growth style that makes it different to other green and black variety of teas and to make a really delicious Matcha you need to carefully take each of the steps to create a brightly coloured, frothy drink that you will want to devour until the very last drop. 


The very best Matcha is grown, harvested and prepared in Japan where the soil and climate is at the optimum levels to create the very best quality which is important as we all want to enjoy the most delicious Matcha possible!

When it comes to harvesting, the Matcha process is different from standard tea production yet again. Normal teas are often harvested several times a year, however Matcha is only harvested once, in May and this is always by hand.


The really important part of the Matcha process; and the reason that the tea we then send to you tastes so great is what happens to the plants around 6 weeks before harvest. These plants, that have been growing furiously in the sunshine are covered with black vinyl sheets in order to block out the light.

This near darkness causes the plants to really gear up the production of amino acids; which means more goodness for you.

Sound's complicated enough? Well the process doesn't end there. Only the newest leaves are picked when it comes to harvesting and then these are steamed and dried in order to preserve any of the good stuff that is in there and keep the colour at its best. 

After quality checking the leaves, they are ground using granite wheels (to avoid ruining thos perfectly cultivated leaves) into a fine powder before being refrigerated at a low temperature and vacuum packed ready for shipping.

It may sound like a lot of effort, but when you try Matcha tea you will be sure to think that every moment, every step in the process is vital in delivering you a tasty treat!

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